CRM / Lead Management

Integrating with your existing operating systems and software.

Customer Relationship Management

Our custom-built CRMs boost customer sales, increase conversion rates, lower sales effort, enhance sales tracking and improve customer service for some of the fastest expanding companies in Australia. But what really contributes value to your business is how we apply our skills and experience to deliver a powerful admin, marketing and sales system created to your exact requirements, no matter how complex.

Most importantly, we take the time to understand the results you want. We gain a detailed knowledge of how you work and from there how we can enable you to easily manage, track and analyse your sales pipeline. We also review ways we can provide a timely and accurate response to customer enquiries, whilst reducing staff workload at the same time.

Our CRMs are as limitless as your imagination, but many customers ask for the following

Recording of tasks and sales activities
Automatic reminders when tasks fall due
Synchronisation with web-based calendars
Sales pipeline reporting
Email message integration and bulk emails
SMS capabilities (including templates and bulk SMS)
Integration with other systems

CRMs can also be extended to include Quoting or Job Management System so that you enjoy the benefits of a fuly integrated system.

Other capabilities we can build into your custom CRM include

Tracking the origin of leads i.e. how the lead found you
Categorising, and reporting on sales lead data
Sales team management to drive performance
Automated lead allocation by region

We deliver time and again

With a proven track record spanning 16 years of reliable delivery on the most complex solutions, you can be confident your new system will be delivered on time, brief and budget, and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

When it comes to the bottom line, we will minimise your costs and downtime, maximise staff efficiency and work with you to maintain that, over the long term.

To see how we acheve these results and the systems we have delivered previously, please review the case studies below and then call us for a no-obligation chat.


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