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About – Salvation Army

We are really excited about using this system to start booking and tracking appointments straight away.

Kris Halliday
Asst Corps Office

Pro Bono Booking System

We were happy to offer our pro bono software development services to Salvation Army and help the staff with better managing their work with those in need of assistance, by developing a booking system where they can schedule, track and manage their appointments.


With lack of a central system the Salvos offices at the Doorways Centre's in Balga and Beaufort Street were struggling to manage and track their work with the public. It took a lot of staff time and attention to organise support services and made it hard to track turn-aways.


The booking system developed for The Salvation Army is simplified, with functionality to show multiple or single calendars; appointments are categorised by type as ‘Soup Kitchen’ or ‘Financial Counselling’; the timeframe can be choosen from day, week or month; and allows the user to book rooms and enter leave also. The system generates various reports by different key statistics.
The system is accessible from several office locations, including hostels, and can be used by multiple users at a time. An additional feature is the ability to select special requirements, such as a wheelchair or interpreter for the appointments.


Centralised customer details storage

The new booking system makes the appointment process more efficient and the reporting functionality enables easy and quick generation of real-time data. Together with the new tracking and managing capabilities, it also gives more visibility to the senior management and funding bodies, as well as various Government Departments.

Bottom-line Benefits

The new online booking system dramatically improved Salvos efficiency and effectiveness, by simply enabling the staff to focus on their more important priorities and spend more time helping people. Reducing the cost, time and effort for managing their appointments benefits everyone and contributes to better and quicker services and best utilisation of funding.

Tools and Technologies

  • html
  • css
  • JQuery
  • wordpress
  • PHP

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