Custom Business Databases In Perth

OneIT specializes in custom database designing exceeding the client’s expectations.

Our database design consultants are tasked with analysing your business requirements to help us create a custom directory that simplifies data handling. We strive to maximise your efficiency by optimising time utility and boosting performance through task automation. We believe in taking a pragmatic approach while developing business solutions for our clients. This lends them a competitive advantage often revolutionising the business.
We appreciate the value of time and hence develop solutions that increase your team’s productivity while undertaking mundane tasks. By simplifying the process of data collection, analysis and storage, and by automating routine tasks like tracking enquiries, order processing and invoicing, we manage to increase your team’s efficiency. We believe database management should be a collaborative effort between our team and the client, and we gladly take the lead.
Our database development team is ever-ready to help you make the right decisions with:
Selecting the latest technology to power your database. Analysing your data storage and bandwidth requirements. Assessing data protection and security threats. Managing data import and export.

How Can OneIT Help Your Business Reach New Milestones?

Our state-of-the-art databases are powered by PostgreSQL servers that have proven to revolutionize the way our clients acquire, process and store data. Our winning formula is a simple combination of proven technology, an expert database developer and measurable progress with zero delays or excuses.
We sternly believe in Occam’s Razor – The Simplest Solution is Almost Always the Best – and try to offer a seamless, responsive service that promotes efficiency. When it comes to technology, we trust nothing but the best. Our extensive range of services are based around PostgreSQL.

Our Services Include:

Developing new database applications based on the client’s requirements. Maintaining and updating all existing database systems designed by third-parties. Analysing and solving performance issues with the existing databases. Designing web-based interfaces and front-end applications for smartphones and tablets. Providing data backup and recovery solutions.
Database solutions by OneIT are always delivered on time and within budget. We have managed to build this reputation by following one simple rule – Treating Our Client’s Business as Our Own. Our core team of database developers include veterans with a minimum experience of 10 years using PostgreSQL.

What are The Benefits of Partnering with OneIT?

We bring on-board our extensive knowledge gathered while working with numerous large and small Australian businesses across various industries over the past decade. Our custom database and business solutions come with a lifetime warranty on codes, meaning we do not charge clients for bug fixes in the future. We test our software and databases vigorously in simulated real-time situations before handing them over to the client. At OneIT every assignment has a designated Project Manager who is responsible for the timely delivery of each task. They are a client’s primary point of contact right from the beginning of the project till completion. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest service standards in database management in Australia. We believe in periodic investments and staying abreast with the latest database technologies to better serve our patrons. We are very serious about our customer’s privacy and never take sensitive data offsite. We have a series of data-encryption tools in place that allows our clients to create copies of the database and hide sensitive data before sending them over to us. Every new client is entitled to a 100% refund should they decide our solutions fail to meet their business requirements at the end of the first preview. We will refund your deposit in full once your order is cancelled successfully. Our customer support executives are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year and look forward to assisting you in every possible manner. If your call goes unanswered due to some unforeseen situation, rest assured that our team will get back to you within a couple of hours at most.

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