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From the moment that I first placed a call to OneIT I have had nothing but courtesy, cooperation and a willingness to deliver responses from everyone in the team. Their “can do” attitude is an absolute breath of fresh air.

Kim McIntosh
General Manager

Job, Quote and CRM System

Height Safety Solutions (HSS) is now capable to present a client expertise that’s as qualified as the safety-critical expertise and resolutions.


As suppliers of height safety solutions to be employed in commercial, residential and industrial settings, the HSS team well known for reliability, regardless of whether they’re designing and installing safety systems, or delivering height safety items. However, their Access-database management software was inadequately developed. Actually, it hadn't been designed - the time consuming process had developed over time in a piecemeal manner over a long time, giving the HSS staff minimal influence over the work, estimate and client relationship management, and also the quality and presentation of their client paperwork.


The work, estimation and client relationship management application OneIT created for HSS provides them with full access over project workflows, enterprise information and documentation. All of which can be customized providing a more professional appearance.


An estimate management software which produces files from a variety of estimating web themes customized to a particular tasks/projects, enabling a large number of items being integrated, whilst saving, emailing as well as audit modifications and different versions
A reporting dashboard for obtaining high-level sales information presenting business-critical knowledge to the accomplishment of the Sales team - a robust sales tracking software which can handle and provide large volumes of unprocessed data in an easy-to-use structure
A task management system that instantly generates a job card on approval of the estimate, just as before with a number of web themes for various tasks/projects, each one with an appropriate Job Safety Analysis (JSA) form outlining the risks and hazards associated with the job
iPhone/iPad admission to JSA documents, so onsite personnel can complete the required safety-related paperwork
Instant ‘job complete’ SMS notifications for site supervisors
A centralised CRM software featuring organisation-wide admission to past client files as well as latest sales potential clients, with the ability to record all customer correspondence


This highly effective software allows the harmonious generation, management and monitoring of tasks/projects and estimates. It also facilitates to assure HSS meets OHS regulations and customer requirements. Along with reducing the HSS staff effort, it assists to improve and enhance the sales approach, boosting the HSS client experience with appropriately branded and tailored paperwork.

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