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About – Travel & Sports Australia

OneIT devised and built a system for us that is both easy to use and more importantly, gives us the accuracy required to get the job done – in a fraction of the time! It’s made some difficult processes simple and effective.

Callum Chambers
Sales Executive

Travel Management & Booking System

Generating itineraries, booking and invoicing all aspects of corporate events in one centralised, automated system with reporting abilities and ongoing support.


Limited by the use of an Access database that had become very inefficient and cumbersome, with no way of reporting and no IT support, Travel and Sports Australia needed to invest in a customised system that could manage all aspects of the corporate package bookings and it solved their reporting and support concerns.


Every aspect of creating itineraries is managed by the brand new system developed by OneIT. It takes into account how many seats are available for booking on a flight as well as how many rooms are available in a hotel. It sends notifications to airlines and hotels of client bookings and also keeps track of payments and outstanding monies.
The new and improved system has a reporting engine that enables employees to run off reports with current data as and when they need it. And, importantly for users, they receive 24 hour support 7 days a week from the OneIT staff which is crucial for the travel industry.


Bulk email marketing to select and segmented customers
Almost instant notification of bookings with client information to hotels and airlines across Australia
A easy to use record of payments made and balance of outstanding payments system
Invoice generation
Quick view reporting dashboard to for status reports of events and attendees


The new system automates and streamlines all the tasks in the process of booking a corporate package, saving users a considerable amount of their time and dramatically lowering any room for error.

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