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About – Financial Wisdom

OneIT has developed a user friendly site that has allowed us to collaborate across various locations nationally. The OneIT team are professional, friendly and always on hand for any questions/issues that may arise.

Tennille Habner
PA to General Manager, Financial Wisdom

Public Websites

Rolling out of Commonwealth Bank and Financial Wisdom Advisers public sites, using one management system.


In today's highly competitive world of financial services and keeping up to their reputation, Commonwealth Bank and Financial Wisdom were looking to assist their Advisers having greater online exposure, while complying with regulations and retain brand consistency.


By developing Financial Wisdom X-sites the system enabled the Advisers to create turnkey personalised websites. Users are provided with a tool to search for their nearest Financial Adviser, by innovating the Financial Wisdom public website through our customized management system.


Personalisation – The software creates a website from entered Advisers personal data and business focus;
Security - Content access is restricted by a security clearance;
Compliance - Advisers are complying with financial services guidelines and regulations following an approval workflow system;
Benchmarking - Easy to use tool gives the Advisers key perfomance indicators like revenue, number of staff and clients under management, with which they can benchmark themseleves against other Advisers within the Group;
Searching - Software that enables the users of the public website to search Advisers by postcode or suburb and instantly providing names and detail.


Providing the Advisers with easy to use software for creating personalised websites under the Commonwealth Bank and Financial Wisdom brand quickly and with little administrative effort. Instant access to the nearest qualified and credible professional for locals seeking financial advice.

Bottom line Benefits

Rolling out of Group’s branded Financial Advisers websites at no additional cost, using One IT developed customised content management system and providing the Advisers with greater online presence.

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