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About – Great Aussie Patios

The end result is a great addition to my business that helps all my staff work more efficiently and effectively. David, Yati and the OneIT staff were always very patient and helpful in seeing my vision for this custom software through to completion. I am very happy with the final product that I use all day every day which helps me run my business better than ever.

Marcus Fulker
Managing Director

Job Management System

Great Aussie Patios, a renowned patio builder in Perth, now equipped with a powerful Job Management System to facilitate their Job management and patio products delivery processes by accessing real-time business insights.


Great Aussie Patios, one of the leading Patio design companies in Perth initially started as a small, family operated business. Hard work and dedication enabled them to grow fast and build their brand name. With the rising demand, Great Aussie Patios was no longer able to proceed with their spreadsheet based job management system which was managed with manual data processing. So the owners decided to boost their business procedures with a fully automated system that can analyze their real time job requirements.


The OneIT team met with Great Aussie Patios personnel to understand their exact requirements. After several review sessions, we came up with an innovative solution, to capture all their project management workflow activities from beginning to the end. Additionally, the new system consists of a reporting dashboard that can track the key business statistics and metrics through a variety of visual aids like graphs, charts etc.


New system has the ability to generate quotes and schedule installations after pricing
After login to the system with proper credentials, staff members can view their individual dashboards of tasks and schedules
System can automatically calculate material cost reports after an authorized person inputs related material for that quote
Ability to create a dynamic project management checklist, to update and reflect the status of project tasks
Ability to send an automatic email request regarding payments
System generates project contracts and send automatic notifications to customers when project plans are approved from the shire
Ability to set up and explore audit trails. All the changes to audit trails will be notified back to the system users with the time and date that changes were made
All the business statistics are analyzed through a reporting engine and a dashboard connected to a powerful database


Empowered with a powerful, dynamic job management tool, Great Aussie Patios found new ways to manage and improve their incoming patio construction projects easily by accessing real time project details with around the clock access.

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