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Why have job management software?

The way you manage your jobs is unique and this is a key part of why your customers work with you. Your job management process is what allows you to deliver on the promises you make to your customers.
Off the shelf job management does not follow how you manage your jobs, leading to wasted effort, mistakes and lack of visibility.

To make you more efficient and operate your business your way, custom job management software is the key!


Increasing Efficiency

Custom job management system stops wasted effort caused from copying data between multiple systems and manual updates.

It also eliminates the needless time spent doing all those steps that make your business different, because it automates them.


Eliminating Mistakes

When your job involves many steps, knowing what to do and who is responsible can be challenging.

Your job management software can automate steps so that mistakes no longer happen, or it can prompt staff with exactly what needs to happen. Think of all the lost time, stress, and customers complaints caused by mistakes and imagine eliminating them.


Giving Visibility

Complex jobs can be hard to track and know who is responsible, where it is at or how productive your team is.

Job management software can make this all easily visible from a simple dashboard through to detailed reports.


Standarising Process

One of the keys to growth is standardisation.  While documented processes and procedures are key, staff forget, they make mistakes, or procedures change and they need to be retrained.

Software that works to your process is like a set of guardrails, ensuring everyone does the right thing at the right time.

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Why should you choose to invest in job management software development? After years of experience and working with 100’s of different industries, hear why from OneIT’s Director David Barton.

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We Specialise In ...

CRM/Lead Management

Boost customer sales, increase conversion rates, enhance sales tracking and improve customer service with a custom-built CRM and lead management system built to suit your specific needs.

Job Management

Schedule staff, tasks and equipment in the most efficient manner taking into account locations, skills and timing.
Our job management systems ensure complete visibility and utilisation. 

Project Management

Reduce mistakes and cut costs with project management software that ensures adherence to your specific project process. 
Assign tasks, automate reminders and stay on track.

HR Rostering & Training

Deliver greater efficiencies in human resource management through automation in recruitment, staff rostering, training scheduling and compliance, staff evaluation and reporting. 

Asset Management

Ensure full utilisation of your assets and less downtime through a complete asset management system. Track location and availability of assets, record utilisation, ensure safety compliance and plan for and record maintenance,  all in a user friendly system. 
Remote asset management via mobile application is our speciality! 

Reporting Dashboard

Visibility provides insights.  Our custom reporting systems deliver accurate and timely business data in any metrics you require.
Benefit from fast and efficient analysis of large volumes of data, automatically delivered in management reports to suit your needs with enhanced data security.

Workflow Management

Automate, standardise and stay in control through customised workflows.
Add structure and compliance to ensure effective, consistent and timely delivery of tasks to reduce costs and risk.

Custom Software

Build the system that is a perfect fit for your business.
The greatest business efficiencies can be delivered with fully integrated, fit for purpose software. 
We are experts at customising solutions for some of the fastest growing businesses Australia.

& So Much More!

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An investment plan and clickable prototype you can use to pitch to your team or to investors.

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A detailed plan outlining the next steps to take and the possible investment.

Rapid Return

A massive ROI plan that shows you how your software will deliver a rapid return both immediately and ongoing.

Platform Pass

Access to the preview to show friends and colleagues.

At OneIT, we’re specialists in turning the most complex systems into high-level customised solutions that satisfy evolving business and user needs. That’s why clients across Perth choose OneIT – because they know the solution will work exactly the way they want it to.

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