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About – Jan de Nul

It’s great. I am loving the flexibility with the reports. The qualification rules are my best feature as they assist in ensuring the correct information is collected for the position applied for.

Octavia Woodfield
HR Team Leader

Staff Management System

Jan de Nul, empowered with their new staff management system developed by OneIT, now has the ability to streamline their deployment processes by ensuring that they meet all their business obligations.


Jan de Nul (JDN) is an internationally renowned company for dredging and marine construction activities. As a rapidly growing business JDN has to hire a large number of new staff members to the company frequently. But with an old, outdated employee management system, unfortunately this successful business was unable to perform their employee management processes efficiently anymore.


As a professional software development team, we exchanged thoughts with personnel of JDN and gathered their exact requirements. We developed a powerful staff management solution which is capable of managing JDN employees, trainings and deployments effectively.


Admin staff can assign skilled, experienced employees to the right roles
All the work force information including visa information, performance assessments are now stored in one place
Company can efficiently handle deployments, staff travel and employee accommodation facilities.
Easy to create, update and mange rosters, shifts and time sheet associated reports
Perform Training Need Analysis depending on the training, re-training and qualification details


As an International company, JDN staff has to work in different work-stations according to the requirement of their service. After installing the new staff management system, administrative staff can pre schedule accommodations, flights and cars booked and available on arrival, which maximize customer satisfaction and in return increase trustworthiness towards the company.

Bottom line benefits

Jan De Nul now can concentrate on their fastest growing business without carrying the administrative burden of staff management as the new staff management system fulfills all their tactical, operational and compliance obligations.

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