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Timesheets was a high profile project, but despite a tight timeframe and changing requirements, OneIT delivered the system on time. The reaction from all parts of the business was very positive and it is now an essential tool in our operations and performance analysis.

Jannani Hari
IT Systems and Development Manager

Resource Management

Georgiou, one of the leading construction and property development companies in Australia is now able to work efficiently with the new project management tool developed by OneIT. Their new system delivers superior resource management capabilities by combining all the individual processes of rostering, HR system, timesheet management and plant equipment utilization.


As a nation's leader in building and property development, Georgiou is has a vastly expanded branch network across Australia. Having so many branches and construction sites, Georgiou has to manage a large number of resources, including constructional assets and highly diversified work force that consist of contracted, hired and subcontracted employees. When Georgiou personnel met the OneIT team, seeking for an innovative solution, they were exhausted with the inefficiencies and errors of their old, individually operated rostering, payroll and time management systems.


Georgiou has to manage a large number of human and constructional resources regularly across their big branch network. When automating their complex management processes, we had to put in our maximum effort and skill to understand their requirements clearly before stepping into development. After going through many reviews OneIT developed a powerful labor Management system by overcoming all the issues with Georgiou's old system. OneIT accomplished Georgiou’s vision, of being ‘the best people to work with’ by delivering them a successful system on time.


All the data entered into new system can be controlled centrally by site coordinators
Capability to combine the timesheets for all the staff members, including office staff, site workers and mechanics
All the data inputs and edits now pass through a valid approval process
The system keeps maintenance history reports and can schedule new plans for plant equipment
Data import and exports are now facilitated by integrating with timberline and the existing financial and operational software already used by Georgiou

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