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About – RAC Finance

Thanks to OneIT, RAC Finance has been able to deliver a cutting edge loan approval system which has streamlined our loan processing and delivered remarkable savings in time and costs. OneIT took time to understand our business needs and developed a solution that enables us to deliver superior customer service.

Brian Darling
General Manager, RAC Finance

Workflow Management & Systems Integration

RAC's latest software allowed them to multiply their business without having to take on extra personnel.


RAC's pre-existing software for loan applications was particularly time-consuming, requesting manual data entry from specifically qualified employees at each and every phase, from credit queries and appraisals to estimate and file creation.


We developed the tailor made software package FASTRAC, a stand-alone internal system for handling loan applications from estimate to settlement.


Customers to input information directly online
The automated incorporation to external platforms, like credit checking and accounting
Effective output of paperwork, which includes estimates and legal agreements
Monitoring and control over the application process


FASTRAC’s easy-to-use software gives the personnel a workflow system that successfully handles and simplifies their everyday tasks – making sure all loan application procedures are implemented and reducing the danger of applications being overlooked.

Clients are now able to create their own individual offers and make an application for a loan at any given time and place that’s convenient for them, using the additional advantage of immediate authorization (subject to verification).

Bottom line Benefits

FASTRAC has established itself as the principal software in RAC Finance’s day-to-day business. The advantages obtained ensured that they can process 280% more loans without rise in personnel requirements.

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