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About – Toxfree

We have been really pleased with everything you have done for the system and the consultations we have had so far with all of you.

Corinne Matambanadzo
HR Coordinator

Candidate Management System (HR)

Toxfree’s innovative web-based Candidate Management database makes the application and review process significantly more efficient by linking with


Toxfree is one of Australia's premier integrated waste management and industrial service companies. With over 30 facilities across Australia, they provide sustainable and innovative waste management solutions for a wide variety of hazardous and non hazardous waste.
Their workforce is over 800-strong, and the majority of employees are under short-term contracts. Frequently, when projects finish, contractors apply for alternative positions. This complicates the application and review process. Under the old manual system, this was a very time consuming process that increased the risk of error.


OneIT delivered a customised web-based Candidate Management System that receives, filters and manages any job applications submitted via


Allows for multiple administrators to have password access
Entry of job applications from Seek direct to the database became smoother and automated
When existing contractors reapply for job applications their existing profile is automatically archived, merged and updated
Each application received is filed in a job specific database
Users can filter applicants by rating as they progress through each level
Automatically generated email and SMS notifications to all applicants
Additionally, we provided a ‘quick-view’ report allowing database administrators to quickly and easily view the status of a specific applicant.


The new system eliminates the risk and time of manual data entry. It also centralises and improves the job application process, right from the first posting on Seek to correspondence and selection of the successful candidate. The system makes it easy for new staff to learn and improves process for existing staff applying for new projects.

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