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Alan Hopping
General Manager

Visualisation, Quote & Sales System

Consolidating quoting and data management into one system saved Sercher Seismic a significant amount of time and allows them to be more proactive in their sales process.


Searcher Seismic provides high quality, non-exclusive seismic datasets and associated products to some of the world largest oil and gas companies. The access to the data library consisting of both 2D/3D reprocessing and 2D/3D acquisition products, was slow and with limited functionality. Additionally, the Access database was not integrated with their sales system.


The newly developed integrated system provides the Searcher Seismic sales team with a tool to easily identify the data their clients currently own and to visualise complex spatial information. It also helps them to easily identify and recommend new information that might be useful to their clients.


Rapidly search and display complex spatial data on any computer
Quickly identify which datasets customers already own
Prepare recommendations and generate quotes for new data
Automatically integrate spatial maps into quotes


The new solution provides Searcher’s sales team with an advantage of an instant access to their data library and quick identification of a sales opportunity. Assisting the customers in identifying their business needs and making critical decisions, by providing tailored data recommendations.

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