App Development in Perth

OneIT delivers web and mobile applications that give your business a broader reach.

With people spending most of time with smartphones, not having a mobile application means missing out on a potential business opportunity. More than 100 billion apps are downloaded each year. However, most of them are not worth downloading. Poorly designed apps can wreak havoc on a brand’s reputation, even driving away clients to rival companies. The key to ensuring that your app represents your business is a capable UX design. A well-designed web or mobile app is an integral part of the service delivery system.
Mobile apps bring your business directly at the hands of the customer, increasing your reach and scalability while keeping all aspects of your business connected. Whether your business needs a mobile or a web application, OneIT will help you achieve your targets. We take a client-centric approach, helping us connect with your business and the end-audience better.

What We Do:

Product Strategy – We specialize in crafting goal-oriented product strategies that define our vision for your business and how to get you there. Our strategies include Product Research, Market Research, Brand Strategy, Growth Strategy, Project Road mapping and Project Scope Enhancement.

User-Friendly Design – We value the importance of the art and science of problem solving and focus on creating beautiful experiences with our user-friendly apps. Our strategy revolves around Product Design, Content Development, Prototyping and Branding.

Execution – From back-end development to front-end design and everything in between, our app development team brings ideas to life. We work with iOS and Android.

How We Do It:

Conceptualizing – In order to deliver an outstanding product, we first have to understand the problems that we are expected to solve. Once we have identified the opportunities, we proceed with prototyping. The sole purpose of our products is solving the needs of the client’s business, and this is where we map the outcome together. We measure the status of all ongoing projects with deliverables including Prototypes and Test Plans.

Prototypes – Adding structure to the concept is the next logical step used by our app developer. Our prototypes primarily focus on content and the flow of product sections, gradually increasing the scope to include layout styles and interactive behaviour. Additional features are implemented in consultation with the client after thorough testing. Just as it is important to think before you speak, an app designer lays out the structure before work commences. Our deliverables include Interactive Prototypes and Test plans.

Production – Production begins once the product direction is settled. Visual elements are added while the interactive animations are polished. Design elements are incorporated in the production stage, forming a cohesive bond between form and functionality. Every feature gets tested before being merged with the app to function seamlessly. This eliminates the need for extensive reviews and lengthy design feedbacks after the project is functional. Our clients get access to the Web Applications, Mobile Applications and Prototypes during every step of the production stage.

Benefits That We Offer:

IT System Integration – Designing an app is one thing, seamless integration with existing IT systems is quite another! A mobile application not only needs to look great and be user-friendly, but also work perfectly in a secured manner with all your existing IT systems.

Additional Customer Engagement – Our team has a decade-worth of hands-on experience working on all delivery platforms. This helps us develop enterprising mobile apps across on IOS/Android platforms. A well-designed web or mobile-based application allows your customers to interact with you at their will, making it easier to expand your business.


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