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Paul Berry
Principal Advisor Heritage

Access Based Survey Tracker

Leading global resource company, BHP Billiton is now empowered with a specialized Survey Tracker tool to process all their survey data accurately and efficiently.


As one of the world's largest diversified resource companies and a leading supplier of iron ore to global market, BHP Billiton is always keen to follow high quality growth opportunities to meet the changing needs of their customers. With the emerging demands of the business, BHP found it difficult use their manual excel reporting system to produce quality reports to fulfill basic compliance requirements with state and federal heritage and environmental legislation and government administration. As a result, BHP Heritage's Survey Department decided to move into an automated solution, which can serve them better by automating all the business procedures.


Going through BHP business processes thoroughly, OneIT built an Access database survey tracker tool, which can import all the project data from an Excel spreadsheet into predefined fields in the system. Once the data is imported, staff can run reports and export those reports back to Excel.


It is easy and fast to upload data into a new system with a one button click
System produces detailed error reports with editing functionality
Data validations are used to ensure that user have completed all the data entry steps
Job number is used to track all the reports from scoping to reporting
New reporting tool exports report back to the Excel
Reporting module is now producing reports based on metrics and survey types and has ability to generate statistics such as total number of square kilometres covered per day per type of terrain; and total amount of dollars spends per square kilometre covered per day per type of terrain


The Access based survey tracker system has released BHP staff’s biggest burden, by enabling them to generate accurate reports efficiently by performing fast data imports and exports.

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