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An out-of-the-box software solution simply was not going to deliver the capabilities their business demands.


E-Procurement Webstore

Quick Corporate offers office items to Australian businesses. When they decided to transition their business online, OneIT designed a website and custom made application solution.

Quick Corporate’s new online store allows for faster ordering and increased market penetration.


Quick Corporate was founded in the past when business stationery requests were taken largely by phone or fax. Having made a decision to transition to web based transactions, facilitating a faster ordering process, they knew an out-of-the-box software solution wasn’t going to deliver the capabilities their business calls for.


Designing and creating Quick Corporate’s online store was only a small portion of the solution. We also had to make sure the new site was fully integrated with the core business software.


Customers to place and evaluate orders and access a customised lists of frequently purchased items
Full integration with Quick Corporate’s existing invoicing process
Real-time price changes and product availability


Quick Corporate’s online store has been incorporated by its business members and it is now the main method of client relationship, with 70% of sales processed within the website.

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Instant access to updated pricing and product availability has significantly improved the customer experience, minimising disappointment and confusion. Furthermore, the site’s integration with business software has also eliminated the double-handling of orders.

Bottom-line Benefits

Cutting the price of handling orders, the web based store has allowed Quick Corporate to support smaller consumers, that would previously been shown to be too unproductive to manage. And beyond winning the little guys, Quick Corporate has been able to penetrate new and increasing markets too.


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