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This call is worth $360 per hour to my customers.
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I Am Looking Forward To Speaking With You.
BUT … before You Book This Call, Some Housekeeping First:
  • Just prior to the meeting time, I will send you a Zoom link in the Upwork Chat as Upwork does not permit other communication
  • It is essential you message me on Upwork, otherwise I cannot contact you and so I’ll be unable to send the Zoom link
  • If you have any specifications, screenshots or other relevant files, you may wish to share them on Upwork for me to review prior to the call.  Otherwise, please have them to hand when we speak.  This will give you the most benefit from our call.
  • Please have a PC or tablet to make the call from that is logged into Upwork.  If we need to share screens to review something, a phone generally won’t cut it 🙂
With all that boring stuff out of the way, I can’t wait to speak to you!  Simply select a time that suits you in the calendar below.
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