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Are You Looking For Software To Help Your Mining Contracting Business?

If you have an idea for some software, click the button below and I’ll provide you with a prototype… for free.


Are you the Owner or Director of a Mining Contractor Business in WA? Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Your job and the products/services you offer are complex – we know that for a fact. But when you sell something so complex and niche… it becomes difficult to maintain momentum — especially when it comes to compliance, getting paid, hiring great staff, and making better decisions.

The reason we are currently offering you a free prototype is because we have seen, first hand, how difficult it becomes to do business as a Mining Contractor when you’re stuck using archaic software (or in some cases… no software at all). 

Your work both on-site and off-site depend on your ability to make decisions on a whim, and to do this you need accurate data. When you don’t have it… your work becomes problematic. 

And the last thing you need is a compliance issue.

If you’re still making multi-million dollar decisions off an Excel spreadsheet, you need to consider whether or not you’re setting yourself up for failure, rather than success.

If this resonates with you, and you’re interested in exploring how we might be able to work and what your custom-built software might look like specifically for your business, just click below. 

Stop making avoidable mistakes. You’ve got nothing to lose by taking the next step.


Most business owners know what frustration is. Whether it’s government red tape, employee making mistakes, or customer who need it yesterday, there is no shortage of frustrating problems in business.

What have been your most recent frustrations?

Chances are, custom software could make a real difference and costs less than you think. For example by:

  • Automatically completing on-site & government compliance requirements
  • Automating processes so employees cannot make the same mistakes
  • Automatically serving your clients and giving them real time visibility 24/7

If you think any of your frustrations could be solved through custom software, click below and we’ll build an initial prototype at NO CHARGE to show you how we can help resolve them.

– David Barton, Founder of OneIT

So, what do you reckon?

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