Mining Contractor's Momentum Session

Private & Free Mapping Call with a Mining Business Technology Expert

Are you the Owner or Director of a Mining Contractor Business in WA?

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

Your job and the products/services you offer are complex – we know that for a fact.

But when you sell something so complex and niche… it becomes difficult to maintain momentum — especially when it comes to getting paid, hiring great staff, and making better decisions.

In this free call with Dave Barton, together you’ll work on the systems embedded within your business (or lack thereof) to help you gain the momentum you’re chasing.


“In this 45-minute call, we’re going to help you fix the following THREE areas, so that your Mining Contracting business gains momentum in all the right areas:

  1. Getting paid… faster
  2. Hiring better people… faster
  3. Making better and more consistent decisions… faster

One call, no obligation. If you’re facing at least one of these issues right now, we encourage you to book a time slot below.”

– David Barton, Founder of OneIT

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